MINCYT is on the “Night of Ideas 2021”


The Minister of Planning and Policies in Science, Technology and Innovation at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Diego Hurtado, with the Minister of Culture, Tristan Bauer, and the Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Work at the French Embassy in Argentina and the Director of the French Institute for Argentina, Lionel Paradisi Columala, was present at the excavation space in Technopolis where The opening ceremony of the “Night of Ideas 2021” was held.

The space was one of the places held face-to-face for the cultural and scientific meeting “Night of Ideas 2021”, organized by the French Institute for Argentina / Embassy of France in Argentina.
Hurtado thanked the guests for their attendance, highlighted the importance of scientific cooperation between Argentina and France and highlighted the excitement of having a theme park connecting science and technology: “The ability to wake up calls is essential and Technopolis does all of this. For the Ministry of Science, this type of activity is of special importance. Public communication for science and technology is just as important as knowledge production activities. It is extremely important to communicate and spread science and technology.”.

For his part, Minister Power that said “On this night of ideas, looking a little into the past, but thinking about the present and anticipating the future, these meetings are fundamental. It is a challenge that must be contemplated to build a better world alongside science, technology, the arts and the will to develop a more humane culture.”.

“On behalf of the Ambassador of France to Argentina, Claudia Scherer-Efos, I would like to thank the Ministries of Science and Culture for making space for Technopolis for the fifth meeting. Edition of this major global event of the cultural network of France abroad. The slogan“ Being together ”is a call to bring science and culture together To reduce distances and also to maintain dynamism in bilateral relations despite the health crisis. I want to remember that spreading science and relying on it socially, as well as promoting our diverse heritage, is one of the priority axes in our bilateral cooperation., Expressed by Paradisi-Coulouma.

The ceremony was also attended by the director of the Argentine “Bernardino Rivadavia” Museum of Natural Sciences, Dr. Pablo Luis Tobaro. Vice President of Scientific Affairs at CONICET, Mario Picchini; Tecnópolis Director, Maria Rosenfeldt and National Director for the Advancement of Science Policy at MINCYT, Carina Pompeo.

Officials opened an exhibition of a replica of a composite skeleton of the Smilodon populator. The original was sent by Florentino Amegino to the Natural History Museum in Paris, directed by paleontologist Marceline Ball at the time.

Those who come to the park, in the space of Tierra de Dinos, can be amazed at the reconstructions of a scene from the Pleistocene era that represents the fight between a sword-toothed tiger – or Smilodon inhabitants – and a sloth – or Scelidotherium -, according to the replica facilitated By the prestigious Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences Bernardino Rivadavia (MACN), which is based on CONICET.

The replica of the saber-toothed and slothful tiger will be donated by MACN to the National Museum of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, to help it rebuild its public display, which was destroyed in a raging fire in September 2018.
After the inauguration, a central committee convened in the presence of doctors Juan Carlos Fernicola (CONICET / MACN), Christophe Giudicelli (CFA / Sorbonne University) and Dr. Vivien Scenson (CONICET, INAPL, UBA), who presented the history of knowledge exchanges between France and Argentina; Its scope in this nineteenth century context and its implications for current palaeontology, museology, and international scientific cooperation. The author of the thesis is illustrations by the Argentine cartoonist, Representative, and French sculptor Quentin Jarrel.

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