What are they and where to find them

What are they and where to find them

Before I tell you where to find them…Do you know why these five animals are known as Africa’s greatest animals? If you are not a fan of hunting, the reason will trouble you is that it was the lovers of big game who called these five animals that way because they were the hardest prey to hunt on foot; Of course, this is nothing more than the etymology of their names, they are currently protected species and those who refer to them as the Big Five are not hunters like safari guides to lure you into traveling with them in one of the areas they are in. It is possible to see these five animals, what are their places?

They are not few but some are certainly more accessible to tourism than others: perhaps the best destination for viewing the Big Five is TanzaniaThere Serengeti National Park Many documentaries about these animals have been filmed. Ngorongo Crateralso in Tanzania, is another place where it is possible to see some of the Big Five (especially the black rhino, which is the most elusive of the five because it is the one that has seen its population dwindling the most, and elephants).

Kenya It’s as good an idea as Tanzania is to go on safari in search of the Big Five: Masai Mara National Reserve (Also the scene of many documentaries…) and Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks This is the most recommended place, especially the last one because Kilimanjaro will be the backdrop for the photos you take.

Other recommended countries for seeing African wildlife, particularly the Big Five? Uganda, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana; There are other places in Africa where you can see these animals but they are more complex on a tourist level (Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Congo or Rwanda).

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