Pineapple pizza is history: It is the pizza with fresh cucumber that causes controversy and controversy

Pineapple pizza is history: It is the pizza with fresh cucumber that causes controversy and controversy

Pizza..with pineapple or without pineapple? this is the question. The eternal debate that is constantly taking place on social networks. Although now pizza with pineapple is not in full swing and we see less and less of this type of food in specialized restaurants, the truth is that There are still those who advocate that pineapple is the perfect complement to pizza along with ham and cheese.. The Neapolitans had always wanted to set fire to this kind of combination, but their worst nightmare could turn out to be something else, something worse: Pickle pizza is taking America by storm and may soon be crossing the pond To sneak in as a private offer or listing in the Glovo and UberEats apps.

Pineapple is no longer America’s favorite pizza topping

It was already difficult to imagine how someone came up with the idea to mix pizza with pineapple, but the combination of pizza and cucumber is completely beyond us. According to a report compiled by gizmodoAnd It has been confirmed that pineapple pizza sales will decline by 6.1% in 2022 in the United States, Gradually reducing the public’s demand for consuming this kind of product. However, this decline may be due to the fact that Now the star product is that pizza with cucumber, which had a 9.7% increase in sales last year. Other types of pizza, such as mushroom, also increased the number of sales. In this case, at 8.9%, very close to that prized option.

Given the success of this summit in the United States, It’s very likely that it will end up on our lands sooner rather than later. What we do not know is how it will be received, because in Spain the two options are not very precious (How many of you have removed this ingredient from McDonald’s hamburgers, for example?). Pizza with pineapple needs to reinvent itself if it is to stand up to pizza with cucumber, which was strong.

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