What can we expect from the government’s tax reform after the election? – Financial

What can we expect from the government’s tax reform after the election?  – Financial

In tax matters, there are possibilities in terms of tax increases, considered this Thursday Enrique QuintanaVice President and General Manager of Editing Financial.

There are several possibilities (for tax reform). I think one of the items that has persistently remained on the table is an issue property tax”Referred to in EF Meet Point Virtual. The main conference. Light at the End of the Tunnel ?: The Economy in 2021.

Currently, this tax is local because the municipalities impose it, the amount is small compared to what is collected in other countries, and there are entities in the republic where there is almost no tax collection. Therefore, a change or a fix can be seen here, he said.

There can also be changes in Special Taxes (IEPS)The journalist also pointed out that either prices changed or new products included with special taxes.

“I think, for example, of the great villains that they are High-calorie products, That forced to change the packaging. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even this particular tax that was raised once, ”he considered.

Also, one can start talking about income tax at higher income levels.

“And I wouldn’t be surprised because in United State A tax reform is also being prepared and there is talk of it Raise the so-called higher marginal rates for the highest income earners in the economy. I do not see changes in the value-added tax, nor do I see changes in the taxes that are applied to the bulk of workers. “

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