What is Alligat0r – Best Crypto Exchange Aggregator?

What is Alligat0r – Best Crypto Exchange Aggregator?

Nowadays, hundreds of crypto exchanges offer services of swapping one currency for another. These platforms support various coins, have different transaction fees and exchange rates. For users, it’s difficult to visit these websites one by one, check crypto exchange rates, and choose the most profitable one.

Cryptocurrency exchange aggregators are here to facilitate swap processes. These platforms partner with many exchanges, brokers, and crypto-instruments. They support a large number of currencies. As a result, users don’t have to go to the pages of each exchange to check coin prices, volumes, or the market cap. Instead, all the information is readily available on the aggregator.

Alligat0r – The Best Crypto Exchange Aggregator

Alligat0r is the best place where crypto traders and investors can exchange cryptocurrencies within seconds. In addition, the platform allows conducting crypto swaps without registration or profile identification.

Alligat0r supports over 280 coins and tokens such as Travala, NOW Token, SafeMoon, PIVX, Theta Fuel, Binance Coin, etc. On the list of supported currencies, you can see the name of the coin, its price, increate rate, volume, and market cap. Since everything is organized nicely on the list, you can compare their prices, follow the increase or drop rates, and check the market cap.

Besides the crypto rates list of Alligat0r.com, you can also view the list of exchange partners. The platform displays each partner’s rate type and rating. You can also see the number of reviews, transaction speed, number of supported coins, and KYC.

How to Exchange Cryptocurrency on Alligat0r

For exchanging your cryptocurrency, you should use the widget on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

  • First, you should choose the exchange rate – floating or fixed. Floating suggests that the change rate may change during the conversion process, and you may receive more or less than you expected. The fixed exchange rate assumes that the swap will be carried out with the displayed rate.
  • Next, choose the coin pair. You should specify the source currency and the amount you want to convert in the You Send field. In the You Get field, you should mention the destination currency you want to receive.
  • Click the View Exchange Offers to see the list of platforms that support the indicated currencies. Here you can also see the exchange rate, transaction fees, and other conditions.
  • Choose the one you prefer. The transaction will be completed within minutes and even seconds.

Benefits of Alligat0r Crypto Exchange Aggregator

Alligat0r has the following advantages:

  • The platform supports over 280 coins and tokens.
  • Users don’t have to create accounts to access the best exchange rates.
  • The aggregator protects transactions with advanced security technology.
  • There is no restriction or limitation of crypto amount.
  • Here users can compare and find the best exchange rates.
  • Alligat0r doesn’t charge any extra fees for transactions.
  • Users receive 24/7 customer support.
  • Swaps are carried out instantaneously.
  • You can convert cryptocurrencies anonymously.

To sum up, Alligat0r provides a secure and reliable platform where users can follow the exchange rate changes in real-time, choose the most profitable options, and exchange their funds instantaneously. In addition, the platform supports over 280 coins and a wide range of exchange partners.

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