What is the only word in Spanish that can be said but not written?

What is the only word in Spanish that can be said but not written?

The Spanish It is one of the Languages More complex for endless learning Lyrics which it has, in addition to its complications meanings which has. Although we, the speakers, have the advantage of understanding the entire language, the truth is that often there are some other words that we do not normally understand.

In recent days, through social networks, a Spanish word Between people: You can say, but don’t write. Although it may not seem real, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and the Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu) have recognized this unique case in our orthography.

Most likely all this time you have misspelled it. So, here we are sharing What is a Spanish word that can be pronounced but not written; Take note.

The only word in Spanish that can be said, but can’t be written

It is neither more nor less than a word.a discount“Who did leave: I definitely used it then what’s the problem?. According to Fundéu, this There should be a dash and a double il (ll). Also, the correct way to write it isareaLikewise, the word must be joined so that it is not pronounced as ‘salle’ once it is pronounced: this would completely change its meaning.

according to text That endorses Fundéu’s position, the word can’t be written since 2010 The language academies denied the validity of using the text Without providing alternatives: any It can be pronounced, but it cannot be written.

According to the site Spanish WeeklinguaThis decision was a reason for ridicule and criticism, as an exception was introduced in the orthography system that does not exist in other languages.

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