What is the order of watching all the science fiction epic series and movies?

What is the order of watching all the science fiction epic series and movies?

In the past two years we have seen this as the ultimate science fiction television franchise.Star Trek“, Live a new dawn After JJ Abrams’ started “reboot” derailment. So far we have three series in broadcast, “Star Trek: Discovery“,”Pickard“Yeah”BasementsWho, with their pros and cons, explore different sectors of space and delve deeper into the union.

These three series are the latest in a franchise that is nearly sixty years old, since the original series starring William Shatner as Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as the legendary Spock. The series, which produced about twenty films and series, Between spin-offs, sequences, and pre-bits (if we can call them) that unfold over three centuries of space adventures.

But how do you see them in order? Is there a specific arrangement to see them? Well, as in almost any fictional world, the answer is yes. So let’s go over how to watch all of the series and movies that make up Star Trek in order.

The official chronological arrangement

This is the chronological arrangement, after the official Star Trek posted on their website. The main work of the ancient series (the original generation) falls around sThe second half of the twenty-third centuryWhile the new generation onwards, we’ll talk about it a century later, and we come to the end of the twenty-fourth century. With exceptions, of course.

and what You will see the order of all strings And movies. I decided not to divide it into seasons (except for practical necessity) so as not to spoil it more than necessary. In parentheses, the year the series or movie is shown.

Star Trek: All series ranked from worst to best

If you want to follow something more comprehensive, I tell you that it’s from Season 3 of “Deep Space Nine”, The procedure runs somewhat parallel to the Voyager until its end. Although I put “First Contact” and “Insurrection” after both, the ideal is to watch the first movie during Season 5 and 3 of “ST: DS9” and “ST: V” and the second during Season 7 and Season 5.

By the way, all strings, except for “Picard” and “Lower Decks” (Prime Video) They are in Netflix

What about Abrams?

JG Abrams Star Trek in the Dark

In 2009, “Star Trek” was released, in which JJ Abrams would work on a kind of reboot that would be unveiled as a replacement line for the official line, called the “Kelvin Line” by USS Kelvin. The original would come with the destruction of Romulus in 2387 (between “the lower floors” and “Picard,” in fact this series deals with the consequences of that) and a time traveler who ends up in 2233 to kill Spock.

If we were to fit these movies into the official timeline, this would be a story between ‘Enterprise’ and the original series, reflecting those early years of Kirk and Spock on board.

Issue arrangement

Of course we can always stick to the order of the problem:

  • The original series
  • Animated series
  • Movies of the original series (I-VI)
  • The new generation
  • New generation films (seventh – ninth)
  • Nine depths of space
  • Voyager
  • Enterprise
  • Abrams Films
  • Discovery
  • Pickard
  • Basements

the future

Star Trek Pike Strange New Worlds 18052020 Ok

The future is uncertain for the franchise. There are plans for more movies in the near future but things are very far away. On the contrary, it seems that the part of the series is still afloat with the continuation of the following series:

  • “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”: A show from “Discovery” starring the crew of the contemporary establishment, led by Captain Pike. Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn and Ethan Beck co-star in the series.
  • “Star Trek: Prodigy” – series about teenagers who navigate an abandoned spaceship from a starfleet.
  • Section 31, which will explore Philippa Giorgio’s story in Mirror Reflection.

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