A man from Cordoba wrote his first science fiction book in Riano that foretold a global pandemic in 2019

A man from Cordoba wrote his first science fiction book in Riano that foretold a global pandemic in 2019

Fran Cobos, author of La Cola Del Sol.

Elizabeth Alba
| 1/31 / 2021 – 12:30 hours.

Francisco Angel Cobos Bautista He is from Cordoba, an agronomist by profession and a science fiction novelist in the spare time that his work leaves him and brings him together with his partner and two children. He had never written an essay, article or short story until in 2009 he began directing his concern about the environment and climate change on paper.

This is how it arose ‘Sun cage’, The story of how society’s greed can challenge nature and how it interacts with it in a form Global pandemic By “awakening” the bacteria from the permafrost, the layer of soil permanently frozen. In its pages, the book recounts the life of Lawrence Patterson, from her birth in Belfast in the bosom of a half-Irish, half-Spanish family, until her growth in the mountains of Lyon. In July 1987, he and his family were forced to leave their home Riano Due to the floods that the city has experienced with those in Boron, Anceles, Saliou, Hoylde, Escaro, La Puerta, Pedrosa del Rey and Vijacernica to create the reservoir that brings the drink to Valladolid and which represents its character and way of life.

The author fully recalls, more than the images broadcast at that time on television, the feeling of uprooting and helplessness in some of the citizens who may have been him, his family and neighbors from Buzoblanco, hundreds of kilometers away, in a place where there is nothing. Related to Mount Leones, but there are many similarities in the way of life and resource use. This was exactly what prompted him to develop his first work in Riano. Almost all of the main characters are from the small town of Leoni or are somehow related to the region.

La Caula del Sol by Fran Cobos, located in Riano.

Lawrence Patterson’s battle to save loved ones and beauty, in its purest style Loos “preparation”, The Anglo-Saxon term that gives a name to those who consider themselves ready to survive the end of the world, captures the story. “It is an example of how far a society can go and that people are paying.” An analysis made years before the coronavirus pandemic was declared, and its author remains amazed at how reality can, at times, transcend imagination.

“Reality continued in parallel with the plot line, to the point where jokes come to me every day on the social networks of people who have read the book and see similarities with what is happening during these two years.” He told ILEÓN that on one of his pages he describes a Madrid covered in snow and ice, with the chaos prevailing in the city and people afraid of death being smashed by rubble that fell from the roofs, using horses or dogs to navigate the street because vehicles are trapped. “There is a moment in the book where I talk about how in the face of an epidemic caused by bacteria, it is about fighting the climate with geoengineering, emission of salts, water vapor, etc., start using technologies like that in order to slow climate change.”

Practically 200 copies of the first edition have sold, though there is only one month for two shows to be made by Ciudad Real’s publisher. This encouraged Cobos to finance a second print copy of 600 volumes that could be purchased the following day Link, By e-mail at [email protected] and [email protected], or by calling 957080726 and 957440307. Submissions for Lyonnais territory are pending when “possible” and write Part Two, although the cage is Sun’s book “Locked”, contains enough inner stories to keep the imagination flying. Will Fran inspire other pockets in the region to write her pages? we will see.

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