Why do cats love crates? Science Explains It – El Sol de México

Why do cats love crates?  Science Explains It – El Sol de México

If you have a cat as a pet, you have surely noticed its behavior when it comes across an empty box. Maybe if you decide to give your fur a little gift, The box will be the first thing that catches your eye It was decided to enter it to lie down or hide.

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This relationship with cardboard boxes does not only happen with domestic cats, videos have also been observed where wild cats such as lions or tigers also decide to enter them, but why is this? Science explains why.

Some recent research may give us a possible explanation because scientists also seem to be wondering about the strange behavior of these animals.

It was an investigation Published in the magazine PLOS one It was conducted by a group of scientists who generally sought to study the behavior of domestic felines, but one of the classes was specifically trying to understand Why do they like to climb into boxes.

The study was conducted on stray cats that arrived at animal shelters, and the results showed that It was just an activity that helped reduce their stress levelsHowever, only cats that came from life on the street were used, which in most cases are full of dangers.

The different body positions, vocal behavior and activity levels presented by the animals were the main data considered.

On the other hand, there is another study published in Applied animal behavior sciencewhere Gabriella Smith who was at the time a doctoral candidate in comparative cognition of animals where other conclusions were drawn that might be more accurate with regard to what Your pet searches when it enters a crate.

There are two possible theories: Cats might hide inside a box to avoid dangerous situations that might be harmful to them or they might see them as training their predation and ambush instincts.

certainly Your little pet is looking for some kind of sanctuary in the crates to hide from dangers that you think surrounds you or that you use Practice your fishing moves Because his predatory instincts will always be there even if he has the comforts of home.

So if you have the opportunity to leave a cardboard box near your cat, make sure he will enjoy it and may even get him out of his routine.

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