COLLADO VILLALBA / IES María Guerrero Prize, awarded at “Madrid Alam”

COLLADO VILLALBA / IES María Guerrero Prize, awarded at “Madrid Alam”

The Compulsory Secondary Education Institute Collado Villalba María Guerrero was awarded in Sample of scientific and technological innovation “Madrid Elm”. The exhibition was held between 2-5 March at the Madrid fairgrounds Ifema and was attended by 40 educational centers were selected from the entire Madrid community Through a general request for ideas.

This exhibition provides a space for innovation in science and technology covering all educational fields, from school to university, with the aim of improving the welfare of citizens and enhancing competitiveness. During this year’s edition, more than 700 activities were carried out by more than 1,500 students “doing science directly and directly”, highlighting from madri + d, organizers of the great school science event of the Community of Madrid.

After a few intense days of exchanging scientific experiences with other educational centers across the region and presenting each of the four projects in which the Vilalpino Center has participated, Instituto Maria Guerrero has been awarded the “Teresa Rodrigo” Application of Science Award for a work called “The universe in 3D”..

This award means that the Villalbino Learning Center will have the honor of representing the Community of Madrid in the national “Applying Science” competition.

Young scientists in Madrid learned

Madrid Science is presented as “a comprehensive showcase of the research and development capabilities of the Community of Madrid to build a sustainable future, showing citizens the response of science, technology and innovation to the challenges of the planet”, explained its organizers.

The conferences, developed through the Madri+d Foundation, allow students and technicians to meet, stimulate youth interest and show how research impacts economic development and the well-being of society, as highlighted by the regional government in a statement.

Under the motto “Building a sustainable future”, this year the community brought together more than 60 entities, universities and educational centers that brought together, in a fun and participatory way, the R&D capabilities of Madrid.

The celebration of the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development was the focus of this edition, with attendees being part of the experiments conducted by students of 40 participating schools.

Likewise, it was possible to watch presentations by young researchers doing their scientific work at the leading centers of the Madrid community such as the Madrid Institutes for Advanced Studies (IMDEA) or to attend presentations by renowned scientists such as Director of the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) Maria Blasco.

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