Why is it not recommended to wear cloth face masks to protect against Omicron?


The visiting professor of health policy and management at the Milken Institute College at George Washington University explained that in crowded places, it is recommended to use KN95 or N95 face shield.

These masks have a better fit and materials, such as polypropylene fibres, that act as mechanical and electrostatic barriers, prevent fine particles from entering the nose or mouth and must conform to the face to function properly.

What are the disadvantages of cloth face masks?

Although many people choose to use cloth masks due to the different designs that exist, scientists do not recommend them and less so in light of the latest designs. Variable Omicron.

“We need to promote better, high-quality masks everywhere, because a single-layer tissue mask is not enough now against Omicron,” said former US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams.

Cloth masks, which were recommended at the beginning of the epidemic, can filter large droplets, while N95 can filter large droplets and small particles, if there are infected people in the environment.

You can use the three layer and over the fabric.

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