Maduro calls on Arab countries to invest in Venezuela


Venezuela President, Nicolas Maduro, this Sunday was invited to Governments subordinate Arab countries To invest in the Caribbean country where they will have ‘everything Constitutional guaranteesLegal.”

“I am taking this interview to tell everyone referees, for all peoples, for investors, come and invest in it Venezuela. It is a country of opportunity, and we give it all constitutional and legal guarantees InvestmentsAs Maduro expressed in an interview with the Lebanese media Al Mayadeen.

The President indicated that these countries can invest in “petroleumAnd GasAnd petrochemicalsAnd the landmarks of the cityAnd euroDiamonds, iron, steel, aluminum, and food production.”

Maduro emphasized that the Caribbean nation has good relations with the Arab countries and that there ispermanent dialogue“Attention” to oil prices and “good diplomatic, cultural and political relations.”

“the Chancellery (Venezuelan) is in the process of taking a set of initiatives to reactivate the mechanisms of cooperation between all Arab countries and all South American countries and the ability to build relationships that have been approved in the financial, monetary, investment and commercial fields, for flights,” without providing further details.

The President confirmed on December 16 that he had prepared a “detailed” project to attract investment and promote tourism on the island of La Tortuga, located in the heart of the Caribbean and with a precise system.

Venezuela has great projectAnd Venezuela It has a slightly larger island than Aruba, it is the island of La Tortuga and it is virgin for investment, to do eco-tourism, self-sufficient, happy, adapted to culture, traditiongastronomy religion s life for any city in GlobalismThe ruler said in Venezuela International Tourism Fair.

He confirmed in this regard that a “gate” will be opened between January and March to present the project on the island, which has an area of ​​about 156 square kilometers, compared to 180 kilometers in Aruba, although the head of state confirmed otherwise.

“We will open a door to show the comprehensive development project of the turtle, which will be one of the most powerful projects of the Venezuelan economy in the next 50 years”, emphasized what he described as “a tourism model for the world”.

With information from EFE

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