Ómicron: discover new symptoms of this variant of Covid


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Because of A novelty representing the Covid-19 variant, the micronScientists and doctors follow Discover new things about this strain that recent studies show is more contagious than any other strain previously seen, although it is also believed Not severe enough to cause hospitalization.

Among these novelties, doctors believe they have found A new symptom due to the omicron variableThis was explained by Dr Amir Khan, a doctor from the UK’s National Health Service, a country that has had records of positive cases in recent days.

New Symptoms of Omicron

In comments compiled by The Sun in an interview with ITV, Dr. Khan explained that many patients that you attended in the past few days Sweating at night while sleeping.

“This type of Night sweats soaked You may have to get up and change your clothes, Amir Khan said.

The Five Symptoms of Omicron

  1. headache
  2. throat pain
  3. Runny nose
  4. fatigue
  5. sneezing

Similarly, studies have indicated that some Classic symptoms of Covid-19 Like No loss of taste and smell with the omicron variable.

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