Freixenet will temporarily lay off 80% of its workers due to drought in Spain

Freixenet will temporarily lay off 80% of its workers due to drought in Spain

frixinetThe Spanish company Cava announced this It will temporarily lay off 615 workers, equivalent to 80% of its total employees. According to the company's report. Drought is affecting the Penedes region in CataloniaThat's why you're temporarily laying off workers.

frixinet It is one of the first companies in Cataloniawhich offers a plan for Temporary layoff of workers due to droughtThis could apply from May.

At this time of year, Catalonia is experiencing the worst drought ever recorded. The impact of climate change has intensified in southern Europe.

The law in Spain allows the temporary dismissal of employeesThis is done by suspending contracts when companies face exceptional circumstances. So far, frixinet It has not been clarified when employees will return to work, and in these cases there is no deadline set by law for rehiring employees.

“This measure, which was implemented within the framework of the exercise of responsibility, aims to ensure the operation of the company and maintain employability to be able to face external causes and force majeure caused by serious drought,” he noted.

A serious drought will affect this sector starting in 2021 and even in 2023, especially the Penedes region. plan Temporary layoffs It represents an exceptional measure for this Climatic conditionsThe company producing kava said.

January of this year 2024 was the warmest for Spain, where records were kept in 1961, and in addition, 2023 was the second warmest year in this same country.

According to Reuters, a recent study showed that some parts of Spain are experiencing the driest period in the past 1,200 years.

the The famous vineyards of the Penedès region have become completely drySo much so that the roots of the 30-year-old vines died, leaving the red and green grapes to wither under the intense heat of the sun.

With information from Reuters.


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