Ziwe Season 3: Finding the possibilities of Renewal & Release


Late-night talk shows have always held a special place in the realm of television, providing a unique blend of comedy, music, and one-on-one interactions with celebrities. Among the myriad of shows in this genre, Ziwe stood out with its distinct humor, candid interviews, and memorable skits.

Hosted by the brilliant comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, Ziwe emerged as a refreshing perspective in the industry, quickly securing a loyal fan base after its debut.

The series featured celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Amber Riley, Julia Fox, Chat Hanks, Wayne Brady, Bob the Drag Queen, among others. In this article, we delve into a detailed exploration of this beloved series, its past seasons, the rise to popularity, its abrupt cancellation, and more.

Quick Facts

  • No of Seasons – 5
  • First Episode – May 9,2021
  • Genre – Reality
  • Language – English
  • Where to Watch – Showtime
  • Season 6 Update -Cancelled

What Happened in Previous Seasons

Ziwe had two compelling seasons that were received well by viewers. The show, recorded in New York City, had an innovative format that cleverly blended musical numbers, sketches, and celebrity interviews, all brought to life by Ziwes charismatic hosting style.

The first season was an experimental mix of audacious comedy and unconventional interviews. Ziwes bold and provocative humor brought a fresh perspective to the late-night TV landscape.

The second season saw an elevation in production quality, content, and guests. The host continued to push boundaries, creating a space for thought-provoking conversations, hilarious skits, and compelling musical performances.

From intimate one-on-ones with Hollywood stars to parody skits that sparked laughter and thought, the series stood out for its audacious take on late-night television.

Popularity of the Show

The show gained popularity for its unique style and content. The blend of Ziwes bold humor, high-profile guests, and frank interviews won over audiences. Ziwes approach to comedy, which is often edgy and off-beat, resonated with the viewers, making the show a favorite in the late-night talk show realm.

The presence of celebrity guests like Drew Barrymore and Wayne Brady certainly added to the appeal of the show.

Renewal Status of Ziwe Season 3

Despite the growing popularity and anticipation among fans, it is regrettable to report that Ziwe will not be returning for a third season. The shows cancellation left many fans in shock, particularly given the shows increasing popularity and its unique content.

Release Date of Ziwe Season 3

With the shows cancellation, there is no prospective release date for the third season. Fans who were eagerly anticipating a new installment of the series were met with disappointment at the announcement.

Reason for Cancellation

The exact reasons behind the cancellation remain unclear. The showrunners have refrained from specifying any concrete reason, stating only that they will not be moving forward with the series. Speculations suggest that the show may not have achieved the viewership levels desired by the network, which is a common reason behind the cancellation of television series.

Cast of Ziwe Season 3

As the series wont be moving forward with a third season, the question of the cast remains moot. However, if the series were to continue, fans could expect to see Ziwe Fumudoh returning as the host. As the heart and soul of the show, Ziwes return would have been inevitable.

Spoiler for Ziwe Season 3

Given that the show has been officially canceled, there wont be any spoilers or future storyline anticipations to share.

Ratings of the Show

Despite its early termination, Ziwe received fairly respectable ratings from critics and audiences alike. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show holds a 73 percent rating. The IMDb rating stands at a decent 6.9/10. These ratings, while not stellar, signify a solid performance for a show in its early stages, and they reflect the appreciation it garnered among its viewers.

Review of the Show

While the shows termination is disappointing, it is undeniable that Ziwe left an indelible mark on late-night television. It was a show that dared to be different, boldly challenging the conventions of late-night talk shows. Ziwes charisma, wit, and her ability to ask thought-provoking questions elevated the show from merely being a comedy sketch series to a platform that sparked conversation.

Where to Watch

While there wont be a new season, fans can rewatch the first two seasons of Ziwe on Showtime, where its exclusively available. With an array of other shows and movies, Showtime offers a plethora of content for viewers.


In its short lifespan, Ziwe managed to carve a unique niche for itself in the crowded landscape of late-night television. Hosted and produced by Ziwe Fumudoh, the show challenged norms, made audiences laugh, and sparked conversations.

Despite the abrupt end, Ziwe leaves behind a legacy of audacious comedy and daring conversations. Its absence will be felt in the world of late-night television, but its influence will continue to inspire future shows and hosts. The fans will surely cherish the memorable moments Ziwe created in its two-season run.


Who was Ziwe before her show?

Before hosting her own show, Ziwe Fumudoh was a comedian and writer in the entertainment industry. She has written for various high-profile comedy shows, including The Rundown with Robin Thede and Desus & Mero. She rose to fame through her online content, particularly her Instagram live show Baited, where she held candid interviews with guests, often focusing on the theme of race.

What nationality is Ziwe?

Ziwe Fumudoh is American. She was born and raised in the United States. Her parents are Nigerian, which gives her a unique cultural background that often influences her work.

How old is Ziwe?

Ziwe Fumudoh was born on February 27, 1992, as of now she is 31 years old

Where is Ziwe?

As of the last known information, Ziwe Fumudoh is based in New York City, USA. However, her current location might vary due to work commitments, tours, or personal reasons.


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