200,000 pesos of social programs will be offered due to the electoral ban: AMLO

200,000 pesos of social programs will be offered due to the electoral ban: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday that the handover of resources from social programs will advance in the coming months because such measures cannot be implemented during the electoral period.

“We will allocate about 200 billion pesos in three months, and they will provide the resources because we also cannot provide the resources in the electoral embargo. In these months until that becomes possible, we will disperse about 200 billion,” the national president told the morning conference.

Lopez Obrador added that the government expects that at this time there will be a benefit to the popular economy due to remittances arriving from the United States.

“We estimate that another 200 billion pesos of remittances will reach the country and this is also declining. An average of 10 million families benefit from the 350 dollars that our immigrant brothers send, all this decreases, then 200 direct social welfare programs and 200 remittances. A good investment for the popular economy. ”

The President of Mexico indicated that this will continue to grow and reiterated his growth forecast for the Mexican economy in 2021, which is 5 percentage points.

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