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Iran Castillo joins virtual projects due to the pandemic, with his new play being presented via live broadcast ,. Destination: Uganda.

“A year or two ago, Eduardo Mattius, the playwright of this play, invited me to sing an event and there I had the opportunity to watch the play and I really liked it. We agreed to see if I could participate later and he agreed that he now risked doing it by broadcast so that I wouldn’t Theater is dying, and those of us who are passionate about theater want it to continue, ”Iran Castillo said in a phone interview.

In Destination: Uganda, will show us Castillo Lucia, a woman who will put her strength to the test, when there is an important decision in her life as a couple that makes her see that, for love, it is also necessary to let go. She is a very successful writer in everything she does. She has a very strong personality, she is extremely passionate and loving. She has been living for two years with her partner, who is the love of her life, but everything is complicated for her, as she faces the issue of physical separation from Andres, who of course also lives Very complicated process, said the actress.

Claudio Lafarga plays Andres, a man who has a contrasting personality with Lucia, who helps her see the world from another perspective, “He is always calmer”, he is the one who relaxes her by throwing her jokes, knows her perfectly, knows where to give He laughs as they complement each other Very well, she is more hyper and vulnerable. They lived together for two years, so they really understand each other, ”Iran Castillo shared.

On this platform the interpreter finds a way to find new audiences and give the theater experience another perspective. He stressed that “this method is very interesting to me because it can be seen from anywhere in the world, and that this is also something new, and theater has not achieved this before, and it is wonderful that any country can see plays from different countries.”

In addition to this online project, Iran Castillo will play Gladys in the telenovela La Mexicana y Güero, which will begin airing on August 17th. “She’s a compulsive shopper, all the emptiness and sadness she feels is because she hasn’t been able to find a partner and she has a great need for that. She destroys herself by buying clothes, and loves to wear good clothes. He buys branded clothes, gets into terrible debt, and he’s holding the cards.” To the top and he’s in a lot of trouble because of that. Then he’ll accept a very strange job in this story to pay off that debt, “the artist emphasized.

Destino: Uganda, written and directed by Eduardo Matthews, and starring Iran Castillo and Claudio Lafarga, will be broadcast live, while it is screened entirely live from the Shakespeare Forum on August 9 and 16. Tickets can be purchased through the Boletia system, and the viewer will decide whether to pay 100 or 200 pesos for the show, which can be viewed from any electronic device.

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