4 essential films for all residents

4 essential films for all residents

Medicine is a very broad profession for all that needs to be learned to be able to take care of patients. It is also necessary to combine theory and practice to achieve comprehensive training. But when you graduate from university, you can still continue your education and pursue a major. As a motivation to take this step, we recommend some necessary films to residents.

On the other hand, patient care is a very sensitive part that requires much more than just technical knowledge. Although the economic part is important because it is a function like any other aspects, such as sympathy with and human service. In this way, better results are achieved and you are also seen as a more complete specialist by others.

In this sense, career extension has different purposes. On the other hand, being able to focus on a specific area that you feel. Although the economic part is also important because a specialist usually receives better salaries than a general practitioner. Therefore, the following list contains some functions that you cannot miss.

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concussion (2015)

Although sometimes movies are based on fiction, there are also other movies where real events are inspired. In this case, Will Smith plays the role of a forensic pathologist who was present in real life and made an important contribution. Through various investigations, it was found that Chronic traumatic encephalopathy It is the most common brain disease among professional NFL players. Regardless of the use of helmets and protective gear, most develop this life-threatening condition.

Not a Stranger (1955)

Among the residents’ staples, here’s a classic that you can’t miss. The most important lesson it contains is that the brain is not enough in medicine, but the heart is also important. With this in mind, the patient should always be viewed as a person and not just with a file number because each person can decide on the method of treatment.

The Document (1991)

This film is of great importance to all health professionals because it shows the other side that everyone is exposed to. In this case, he tells the story of a young doctor with cancer. Since then his life has changed because he is now ill and this changes his view of the health system.

Batch Adams (1998)

You probably heard it because this movie starring the late Robin Williams was so well received. It is based on the life of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams and the most important lesson it offers is the importance of laughter and compassion for patients.

In this case, it is shown that in parallel with the knowledge acquired at the university, the human part must also be developed. Ultimately, it is key to achieving an integrated service and thus achieving physical and internal healing.

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