A girl leaves a young man to eat because she gives him cheap food

A girl leaves a young man to eat because she gives him cheap food

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Sometimes there’s something more than just being in love together, which is proven A young man from La Rioja (Argentina), his girlfriend abandoned him after realizing the poor quality of life which I had.

Newspaper Chronicle From the country, he regains his testimony to the young man on social media, in which he declares this The reason for his separation was to prepare some mortadella cakes (sandwiches), which are cheap sausages..

The resounding love story began on December 24, Christmas Eve, when they met by chance in a Bowling while celebrating the day before christmas. They talked and instantly fell in love, so they decided to keep seeing each other.

However, when asked to meet her parents and family the girl He started holding off on having a relationship. Reason? He says they left him “because he is poor”..

I would like you to know through this post that when they meet someone, they will confront them, saying the life they have, and it happens to us as it happened to me that they left me for being poor.“, books.

To celebrate the person who would meet his prospective in-laws, he bought some bread, mortadella, and cheese, as well as a pair of cola-flavored soft drinks; That is, the list for which he arrived, bearing in mind that most of his expenses go to his studies. But despite the effort, she looked at the food with disdain and left it moments later.

Maybe if I had told her it was a simple lawn mower she wouldn’t have noticed me, and I wouldn’t have fallen in love with her. You’ll definitely see this post, so I don’t want to give names‘, he ended up retrieving his story Chronicle.


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