Release the Saudi princess who spent nearly three years in captivity with her daughter



9 ene 2022 04:38 GMT

The government of Saudi Arabia has stated that Basma bint Saud has been charged with attempting to leave the country illegally, while her daughter has been accused of assaulting a police officer and committing a cyber crime.

Saudi Princess Basma bint Saud and her daughter Released this week After spending nearly three years in the high-security Al-Ha’ir prison near the capital, Riyadh, reach Installment via Twitter.

“I can verify that the two women were released from their arbitrary detention and arrived at their home in Jeddah on January 6,” said Henry Estramant, the princess’s attorney. mentioned above by Forbes.

Businesswoman and human rights defender suspected of ‘attempting to flee the country’ Arrested in March 2019 When he was about to travel to Switzerland for urgent medical treatment. The private plane with all the necessary sanitary equipment, rented for $ 87 thousand, did not take off. Since then, Basma has not appeared in public.

In April 2020, a thread was sent from his Twitter account in which The princess asked for her freedom. Within a year, he was allowed to make a short phone call to a loved one, during which he allegedly discussed the details of his will.

Last year, the Saudi government reported that Basma was charged with attempting to leave the country illegally, while her daughter was charged with assaulting a police officer and an unspecified cyber crime. However, Estramant confirmed it No formal charges have been brought against either of the women.

Emirati general accused of "Torture and barbarism" Refers to the highest position in INTERPOL

One of your closest relatives I showed To Insider, the princess was imprisoned by state security forces and accused of obtaining a false passport.

It is not known why the authorities decided to release these two members of the royal family. It is possible that the mother and daughter will be banned from traveling and will be banned from leaving the kingdom now.

Some have assumed that Basma’s arrest is related to his friendship with the former heir to the Saudi throne, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef. Others suggested that influential people in the kingdom They wanted to make her give up her father’s inheritance, the late King Said, who ruled from 1953 to 1964. The princess was also famous Being public in favor of the new reforms In the field of human rights in the Arab country.

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