A little humor to reduce work stress – ORH

A little humor to reduce work stress – ORH
8 out of 10 Spaniards consider emotional well-being at work very important. However, stress is the second most common health problem in this environment. To reduce workers’ stress levels, Cigna suggests promoting humor and taking advantage of the fact that tomorrow is International Fun at Work Day.

Workers’ welfare is a central issue today. More and more organizations are betting on a policy for the emotional and physical health of their employees, aware of the improvement in performance that this entails.

Creating a positive, collaborative, developmental and stress-free environment is essential. Not only for the companies themselves, but also for the workers. To the extent that 80% of the respondents by Cigna in its 360 Well-being SurveyTheir emotional well-being and ability to manage stress are rated as very important.

However, it seems to remain a wish rather than a fact, because according to the INSST, Stress is the second leading cause of illness in the workplace. This same study indicates that Spain is the fifth country in the European Union with the highest stress levels.

This factor directly affects the employee’s performance, productivity, and emotional relationship with the company. And finally, about absenteeism rates. According to the INSST, 15% of national sick leave is due to this condition.

On a personal level, the effects that stress can have are well known. such as physical symptoms Headache, muscle gain, heart problems, fatigueeven psychological or emotional symptoms such as Lack of attention and focus, inhibition, low self-esteem, irritability, fatigue, and in more severe cases, chronic anxiety and depression.

A little humor, please

From a scientific point of view, Laughter and a sense of humor help relieve stress (Also at work. That helps relative problems. It also promotes Better communication, encourages creativity, reduces injuries and absenteeism and facilitates conflict management.

A sense of humor can be one of the most useful tools in terms of job performance. In addition to strengthening relationships between teams, it helps create a good work environment and get rid of accumulated tension, and promote good performance, trust and loyalty towards the company.

Ana Sanchez de Miguel, Director of Human Resources at Cigna Spain explain whatGood humor in the work environment helps productivity, creativity and decision-making.”

“Laughter has a positive effect on health. When laughing, the body reacts by releasing endorphins, which in the short term relieve symptoms of stress and accumulated tension. Over time, it has a positive effect, increasing motivation and personal satisfaction and improving mood in general.”

Cigna’s management is in favor of promoting fun at work because of these initiatives, according to it “It is fully compatible with professionalism and, most importantly, contributes to the creation of closer and healthier companies, so we must strive to pay attention to the details that make our employees smile.”“.

What can companies do to encourage humor?

Cigna has prepared a list of 6 initiatives companies can implement to promote humor and thus reduce employee stress:

  • different dayCreating comfortable work environments helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and better deal with and avoid stressful situations Burnt and absenteeism. Companies can carry out the activities construction team Outdoors, which includes fun team quizzes, bringing breakfast to the office on special occasions (travel or birthdays) or bringing pets to the office.
  • He laughsA positive and enjoyable work environment increases the personal satisfaction of employees and helps to restore motivation and improve their performance and performance. In addition, it fosters a sense of belonging, which enhances talent attraction and retention. Through humor, companies can naturally motivate their employees. To do this, they can redesign the office on special occasions, for each worker to decorate their workspace as they find most inspiring, or a sloppy tie contest to add a touch of humor to more serious environments.
  • Best copy for co-workersHumor helps improve communication by creating memorable messages and a better flow of information. In addition, favoring collaborative activities in which all employees participate helps to empathize and get to know colleagues better, and thus, improves communication and team cohesion. In addition, thanks to mutual understanding, conflicts are better resolved. To do this, companies can make games that involve the cooperation of all employees gymkanasPhoto contests or an invisible friend with crazy gifts.
  • Laugh more to live better: Laughter has a positive effect on health, as it prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system and the immune system, as well as sleep disorders such as insomnia. In addition, a positive mood encourages creativity and innovation, exploring new ways to solve problems and make better decisions. Relieving stress, togetherness and a good mood stimulate mental activity and flexibility. In the same way, humor helps retain data and memorize key information. the Brainstorming Or sharing ideas in an informal way are good options for putting this point into practice.
  • Identify mistakes in the teamA culture where mistakes are not punished, but where the education that failure brings is valued, and works most effectively, where there is no fear of contributing new ideas or expressing ourselves freely.
  • Positive treatmentHumor is a very useful tool when it comes to managing distorted thoughts, anxieties, and fears. By distancing yourself from problems, it is easier to create new connections and solutions from other, more creative and vibrant perspectives. Likewise, humor increases self-esteem, improves self-confidence and helps combat fears and insecurities by promoting empathy and connection. Laughter therapy is one of the alternative therapies that shows the most psychological and social benefits.

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