A man wins 10 million euros in the lottery and is now looking for a woman to share the money

A man wins 10 million euros in the lottery and is now looking for a woman to share the money

Kursat Yildirim, a German man, was talked about on social media after his victory 10 million euros In the lottery game, despite the fact that he has a millionth fortune, he did not want to enjoy his prize alone, so now he is looking for a woman to share his fortune.

Yildirim quit his job, and bought a Ferrari, a luxury Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet watch, among other valuables. But it wasn’t enough, because he’s looking for a woman To enjoy with her money.

“Please indicate in your story that I am still single. She can be blonde or brunette, I don’t care. I just want you to fall in love. I am looking for a woman who loves to travel and is ready to start a family with me. I need someone I can trust,” the man told German newspaper Bild. to whatever happens.”

The newspaper was responsible for the announcement of the millionaire award that Yildirim received. In addition, he suggested creating an email so that Interested parties will contact him directly..

Take the risk

Given the amount of millionaires that the 41-year-old currently owns, he assured that he would not leave”manipulation or fraudBy anyone. He also stated that he was aware of what he was doing and that he only wanted a woman by his side.

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“I can take good care of myself. I have taken precautions. Money is in good hands. Suddenly everyone is your friend. People I haven’t heard from in a long time are calling to ask for money right away,” the millionaire said today.

Why do you want to share your wealth?

According to his statements, Yildirim dreams of creating a family and being able to give everything to his children. Considering the large amount of money that he managed to win in the lottery, he considers that it is time to get The love of stability with a lady has the same desires.

On the other hand, Yildirim continues to buy lottery tickets to earn money again, as he confirmed that he is lucky enough to be a millionaire.

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The best thing about this is that you can make a lot of people happy. Immediately, I transferred the money to my parents and brothers. I like to go to Africa to dig wells and give gifts to the children there. I have prayed to God to have the opportunity to do some good things, and that is what I will do now.”

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