They found a fish that portends natural disasters

They found a fish that portends natural disasters

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Do you believe in the end of the world or the end of the world? If so, this might interest you since you were on a beach in Chile fI found a sea creature Which, according to some theories, is a A harbinger of a natural disaster.

Around oar fish or saber, or in Japanese it is called Ryugu, which means “Messenger from the Sea God Palace.” But what does faith say about these fish? According to some sounds, when a large number of this type of fish are heading towards the beaches, it means that a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami is approaching.

This animal which is also classified as the largest bony fish in the world, He appeared off the coast of Talcan Island in Chile’s Desertores Islands on November 7. Such a view is extremely rare because this species usually lives at a depth of 200 to a thousand meters.

In various social networks, netizens have already begun to spread The video where you can see the paddle fish about five meters high, in silver, On the head a shade of reddish. Users have also already triggered a warning about the danger this problem means.

Where does the paddlefish belief come from?

The legend that paddlefish heralds earthquakes comes from Japan. In that country there is a legend that tells that this spice was classified as yakoi or monsters.

The paddle fish, in the story, is called namazu; It was said to live in the depths of the ocean and that Every time he leaves his lair, he causes a great earthquakedue to its enormous size.

Other legends say that she has the ability to communicate with humans, even becoming one of them and go unnoticed.

Perhaps this idea is not just an invention, says seismologist Kiyoshi Wadatsumi. He says about it: “Deep-sea fish that live near the sea floor. They are more sensitive to active error movements of those near sea level.


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