Russia accuses the United States of wanting to militarize Asia

Russia accuses the United States of wanting to militarize Asia
Russia accuses the United States and NATO of wanting to invade Asia. Photo: AFP

The foreign Minister RussiaSergey Lavrov charged on Sunday to the United States From You want to militarize the Asia-Pacific region to contain China, On the eve of a crucial meeting between Joe Biden s Xi Jinping.

United State and its allies, as well NATO (NATO), Trying to conquer Asia Pacific“, The Russian Foreign Minister told the press from Phnom Penh, cambodia, Where he attended the summit Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

They plan to militarize this area Clearly to contain China s Restricting Russian interests in the region“, insist on.

The conflict between the United States and China

Southeast Asia is a sight The growing competition between the United States and Chinawho are facing each other in The struggle for economic and security influence.

USA PresidentJoe Biden and its Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, It is scheduled to meet on Monday G20 summit in BaliIndonesia, in a context characterized by Disagreements over the North Korean missile crisis and the status of Taiwan.

Beijing too It is considered that the Quadruple Alliance, The security group that includes Australia, United State, Japan India is an attempt to isolate it in Asia.

Lavrov He stated this at Phnom Penh Airport before heading to Bali Island, where He will represent Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit On Tuesday and Wednesday.

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