A new strain of Coronavirus from Uganda arrives in Andalusia


The Ministry of Health and Family confirmed the presence of a A “novel” strain of the Covid-19 virus In Andalusia it is characterized by “greater transport capacity”, although it remains “unclear” whether it has a greater ferocity capacity.

This was made clear to reporters by the Minister of Health and Families, Jess Aguirre, during the inauguration of the new coordination room in Jaén and the rest of the procedures that were carried out in the facilities of Salud Responde. Aguirre noted that the new strain It is called A23-1 So far it has only been discovered in Uganda and In some cases it is “very isolated” in the United Kingdom.

The advisor pointed out that all vaccines so far They respond “well” to mutations and “prevent” them, But he stressed the importance of “entering all our diagnostic tools perfectly so that we can implement the maximum possible sequence” with the aim of the possible arrival of new strains in the coming months.

According to Aguirre, Andalusian Hospitals “have perfectly coordinated the coronavirus sequence of all strains and variants that may arrive.”

British variant

The consultant pointed out that Andalusia is no longer “in a stage of decline”, but rather on a plateau, which means, in addition to the fact that “different dynasties have begun to arrive,” that restrictions remain. 61% of the positives from all the tests carried out in the community correspond to the British variant and in some counties this percentage is as high as 80 to 90%.

He also pointed out that there are three completely specific strains from South Africa, which were imported, without the presence of community infection, and there are three cases that arrived by air.

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Send change a message from “Absolute peace of mind” for people who have acquired AstraZeneca Because it ensured that there were millions of doses of this vaccine that were being placed in the world.

Finally, the head of health indicated that people who were vaccinated with a first dose, after 20 or 30 days, already had 80% immunity and a very high level of antigens.

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