A residential building in Kiev was hit by a Russian missile

A residential building in Kiev was hit by a Russian missile

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Russian missile crashed into a large apartment building in Kiev; However, There have been no reports of possible casualties so far. Said the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ministry of the Interior, wrote, “There is another brutality of the Russian occupiers that can in no way be hidden from the world and the Russians.”

The missile fell between the 18th and 21st floors of the building, according to the sources, who added that the place was being evacuated. TheThe photos show a gap in the thirty-story building.

Videos broadcast on social networks showed a high-rise building in it Broken facade and rubble on the street below.

The building is located several kilometers from the center, on Lobanovski Street, In honor of the legendary Ukrainian football coach and manager of the Soviet national team.

“Kiev, our wonderful and peaceful city, survived another night of attacks by Russian ground forces and missiles. One of them hit an apartment building in Kiev,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.

Russia announced a short while ago that it had launched cruise missiles at military infrastructure, On the third day of his military invasion of Ukraine.

The authorities accused the Russian army of targeting populated areas and not just military targets, as the Kremlin and the Russian Defense Ministry claim, Since the beginning of the invasion in the early hours of Thursday dawn.


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