A Ugandan soccer player killed by team-mates for foul


An unusual event occurred in Semi-professional league From UgandaWhere A. Footballer she was killed a Hits By his companions after he committed Error In a match they fought in that country.

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Churchill Awase, Player from UgandaA match between two teams is played from Lamu area, As he served as a central defender and committed a foul with his opponents scoring a goal.

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After the defender failed, his teammates immediately started insulting him and it lasted until the end of the match, when two soccer players began hitting him unconscious.

OasiJust 22 years An elderly person, he was immediately taken to hospital for treatment after the assault that he was a victim of, but unfortunately, Passed away According to an account revealed by the Daily Monitor.

The events that took place last Saturday shocked the people of the region, and the news of the killing of this young man sparked great interest in the media in the African country.

Aswa County Police in Uganda, Investigations commenced corresponding to these events and arrested two alleged perpetrators of the crime, accused of committing murder.

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