A video detailing the moment a man leaves a clinic in Bogota and dies on a stage

A video detailing the moment a man leaves a clinic in Bogota and dies on a stage
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The video showing the moment when Jose Elias Ramirez collapses on a platform, after leaving Clínica de Occidente, was revealed by Noticias Caracol, who reported that the man had arrived at the health center, Last Tuesday, March 23 at 1 a.m., to be cured of severe chest pains: however, after seeing the delay, he decided to withdraw and a few meters from the clinic’s exit, collapsed to the ground, where he died. .

According to the newsletter, Mr. Ramirez’s relatives denounced that the death of their relative was negligence on the part of the clinic, the place the man went to treat his illness, but as the hours went by, he was not. After treatment, he made the decision to leave and when he was walking on the sidewalk, he immediately collapsed.

The sister of the deceased man told the news bulletin They let me die because of their negligence. ” According to Noticias Caracol, his relatives reported that Jose had arrived there to receive treatment, but several hours passed and he was not noticed or examined by someone from the clinic’s medical staff.

“It lasts about 3 hours outside of Clínica de Occidente. He called 123 to the emergency room to tell them that they did not treat him and the service was very bad, plus there were guards there and no one was able to approach him to see if it was good or bad,” A relative told the media.

In addition, relatives of the deceased stated that when they called the clinic to find out the condition of their relative, they were told that there was no patient with this name or ID number.

A girl answered us, and she asked us to give her the ID number, and we gave it to her and she replied that there is no one there with this name or number. Sister of the deceased, Alison Rogas said.

In light of these testimonials and data, Clínica de Occidente spoke in a statement revealing that “on Tuesday, March 23 at 1:17 am, a male patient, aged 44, entered the institution by his own means, underwent a screening process, and it turned out that his vital signs were stable. He went to the waiting room for his attention. “

According to what was issued in the aforementioned statement, the patient later left the clinic of his own free will and with his own capabilities, which, according to the clinic, the guard could not prevent.

Hours later, a notification was received from the National Police that the dead body of an unidentified person had been discovered near the clinic, and under these circumstances, custody was responsible for the competent authorities, Confirm the letter from the medical center.

In the end, Clínica de Occidente expressed her regret at the death of this patient and offered her condolences to the family members. In addition, it indicated that the procedures of care comply with medical protocols.

After the man’s body was discovered on the sidewalk, the video shows how agents of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police (Mebog) and the CTI Crime Units of the Prosecutor’s Office were on their official motorcycles and a mobile laboratory to surround them. Outside the area, conducting an examination and transporting the body to the headquarters of the Forensic Medicine Institute In the center of the capital

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