In Romania, a woman without clothes and a brick attacks a journalist alive

A woman without clothes tried to attack a journalist in Romania. Photo: screenshot

In Romania, Prof. Informational space Take an unexpected turn, because when News announcer He was in front of the camera and was attacked by another The woman who broke into the forum From the TV Completely naked.

Which quickly registration Spread on social networksPictured shows a woman armed with a brick with intent to harm News announcer, Who managed to avoid An object when it was thrown.

In the video, it continues Hardly 10 secondsThe news anchor has been seen doing her job, when she is surprised, Suddenly he leaves the frame, Vision A naked woman with a brick in hand. He even takes a few steps back when he sees the attacker approaching Seriously to her.

I opened the shot to show what was going on TV forum The moment you enter part of the news team to arrest Naked woman Who tried to attack Presented in Romania.

So far, the The identity of a naked woman That broke into the TV forum, as well as the reasons that would Motivated, impulsive about The driver attacked in Romania.

However, netizens who shared the video exceeded 360k views He explained that the journalist was receiving threats.

“According to a journalist told Sputnik #Romania, she recently received threats on behalf of Magdalena Sherban, a woman who killed another by pushing her onto the metro track, a case that Mirela Vida covered in her programs,”

Internet user wrote that was identified as tyk_tock

After the photos were published, users of the network condemned the attack on the journalist in Romania. While others They took the truth with humor And even They are ridiculous With the situation A woman armed with bricks.

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