Joe Biden: The US President directs these warnings to North Korea and China


President of the United States, Joe BidenNorth Korea warned that his country would provide a “similar response” if it decided to escalate its tests after reporting the launch of two alleged ballistic missiles on Thursday, in what would be the first serious provocation to the new US administration.

“We are consulting with our partners and allies. There will be a response if they choose to escalate.”

“We are consulting with our partners and allies,” Biden said at the first press conference during his tenure. And there will be an answer if they choose to escalate, “adding that this would be” an appropriate response. “

Biden further said It is “prepared for some form of diplomacy” with Pyongyang, but “it must be conditional on its outcome being nuclear disarmament.”

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff reported that North Korea fired two missiles at the Sea of ​​Japan, known as the East Sea before KoreanFrom South Hamgyung County.

The rockets covered 450 km and reached a maximum altitude of 60 kmSouth Korea’s General Staff said it did not specify the type of missile, and after an emergency meeting, the National Security Council expressed “deep concern” about the launch.

“China will not be the first world power, and I am here.”

On the other side, President Joe Biden has warned that China will not become the “leading power in the world” during his term.

On the Asian giant, Biden indicated that the goal of that country is to become “the leader, the richest and the most powerful in the world,” but he will not allow that to happen during his tenure.

And he noted that he realizes that the competition with China It is “cruel” and will be, and it is ready to do so, but China must abide by “international rules.”

He said that although Chinese President Xi Jinping “does not have a single democratic bone,” he is an intelligent person and knows that as long as human rights are violated in his country, the United States will continue to raise its voice.

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