New evidence emerges in the case of the death of Anna Maria Castro while Paul Naranjo remains in Competa


This Wednesday, March 25th, judge 35 of knowledge Bogotá made a new decision in the investigation into the death of Anna Maria Castro, Which occurred on March 5, 2020 in the capital of Colombia.

According to El Tiempo’s investigation unit, during the Hearing the judge ordered that Paul Naranjo, The main suspect in the death of the young woman, is still being held in the Competa high-security prison, Boyaca.

In the session held behind closed doors, the judge confirmed the security judge’s decision that Naranjo was still in internal safety, alleging that the crime of femicide had been committed with aggravating circumstances.

According to the OTP, it’s a crime, not an accident, as Naranjo’s defense wants to show it. In addition, an autopsy revealed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed that a man called 123 and confirmed that he had seen the woman thrown from a black car.

Investigative body confirms that Paul Naranjo colluded with Young Julian Ortegon threw it out of a Kia truckWhen they left the party they were at in North Bogota.

“There was a lot of silence in the car. I saw Anna Maria and Matteo kissing and touching in the rearview mirror. Matteo had his hand on his chest and my reaction was to stop and shout: Hey, this is serious: You are in a relationship and you should go to a hotel (…) My friend reacted by getting out of the car, opening the door and asking them to get off. He grabbed Anna Maria and Matteo the same way.Naranjo’s Testimonial, El Tiempo Exclusively Revealed.

Initially, Naranjo contemplated accepting the manslaughter, but John Cadena, the defendant’s representative, said that would not happen, as there is new evidence of how it will show what happened.

The newspaper revealed the existence of a video from Tolima Junkyard’s security camera, which presumably shows the moment when Paul Naranjo’s Kia pulled off the street and left Matteo Reyes and Anna Maria Castro out.

The photos show that Anna Maria Castro and Matteo Reyes got out of the car alive.

This video is according to Naranjo’s defense, It distorts the testimony of the man who called 123 and said he saw a woman fashioned as a “rag doll.”

In addition, the lawyer said that a motorcyclist, who was the first person to arrive at the scene, said that Anna Maria was dying and that Matteo Reyes was asking for help.

“It is impossible for the prosecution witness to say that he saw it when they threw it out of the car if it arrived long afterward, when the truck had already started.”Says the attorney who confirms that the plaintiff’s witness is a friend of Anna Maria Castro’s family.

For its part, the attorney general’s office is preparing an indictment with other evidence and are assessing a partial opinion that would explain the coup of Anna Maria.

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