A website is launched to learn more about the “notables of flag” of Argentina – Telam

A website is launched to learn more about the “notables of flag” of Argentina – Telam

The site is promoted by Conicet, the Leloir Institute, and the Institute for Experimental Biology and Medicine

Nobel Prize winners Bernardo Hosay and Louis Lillo, and Eugenia Sacredotti de Lustig, a lead researcher in polio vaccination, are some of the scientists who will integrate the “Parín de la Sensia” website, with the aim of making researchers’ work available in the country.

The project is called “Notables of Knowledge” and will be launched on Friday through a work that will be broadcast live.

The site is promoted by the Conicet –organism to which Houssay, Leloir, and Priest of Lustig – belongs – the Foundation for the Leloir Institute (FIL) and the Institute for Experimental Biology and Medicine (IBYME), in collaboration with foundations and foundations.

Its aim is to highlight the importance of life, work and legacy of the three researchers in Argentine science and their influence on science internationally.

According to CyTA-Leloir, “The idea is to continue adding more leadership figures in the national sciences from other fields of knowledge.”

(FW9 The electronic platform contains audiovisual materials, audio recordings, interviews with students, researchers, close friends, pictures of the heroes, their lab notebooks and correspondence, clips from their lives, prizes and other things; illustrations, texts, newspaper clippings, etc.) Tools. (Attacker)

All of these materials have been digitized by the respective institutions and integrated into the Conicet Enterprise Digital Repository in order to organize, preserve and make them public through a tour inviting the different departments.

The online platform also has a prominent section aimed at restoring the mentor / mentor personality to young people.

“The mentor is a model of academic excellence, ethics, commitment, and human values ​​with successful results expressed clearly and precisely between Hosai and Liuar, as well as between the priest of Lustig and his students. Its study can enrich education and inspire the present and the future at all levels,” he refers to the creative people.

The launch event can be viewed online on Friday 11pm from the web https://www.youtube.com/ConicetDialoga. There, the link to access the platform will be announced.

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