COBATAB has to work hard in the fields of medicine: Guillermo Narváez


While submitting the “Ceneval Score Validation Report” for the admission process for the academic year March-September 2021, University’s president From UJATGuillermo Narváez Osorio, explained that only 111 of the 659 students graduated from Colegio de Bachilleres de Tabasco (COBATAB) Who took an exam for the profession of medical surgeon.

In a press conference, Prof. University’s president He indicated that this subsystem should work hard in the fields of Medicine, Because the percentage of students who obtained space in the current academic year in the maximum study home in the state does not exceed 20 percent.

“The results were not very encouraging in terms of the amount submitted and how the graduates of the various high school colleges came out, the percentage is very low, it is not higher than 20%, so they will have to work very hard. MedicineHe stressed.

Narváez Osorio, he said it’s not about a show COBATAB Rather, give him a radiograph of the strengths and weaknesses of the subjects taught on each campus.

“What we seek through this is to tell Colegio de Bachilleres on a general level that you have strength in physics, mathematics or law, but that you have shortcomings in biology, MedicineGeometry, this is an example, but not only that, we’ll also tell you about the school separately.

“What advantages does this provide? It will give the Colegio de Bachilleres the advantage of knowing where their strengths and strengths are in every secondary school and being able to tighten up in terms of training in those schools where you have missing materials.” .

He also noted that this report will allow students and parents to know which high schools are training students well before starting a university career.

“More than indicating that they are wrong or cursing them, what we seek is to know your strengths and where your weaknesses are, so that you maintain your strengths and put your weaknesses into special attention to be able to take them to the level,” he said.

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