A woman accused of assaulting an Uber driver agrees to extradite

A woman accused of assaulting an Uber driver agrees to extradite

California.– A woman arrested in Las Vegas, days after an attack on a San Francisco Uber driver spread through social media, agreed to take her to California on Monday, where she will face criminal charges.

The king of Malaysia, 24, said he did not have a lawyer during his brief court appearance via closed circuit video. The woman agreed not to oppose the extradition. No questions were asked about the charges against him.

King was arrested Thursday under a California warrant for assaulting a disturbing criminal group, physical assault, and violating health and safety laws.

Peace judge Eric Goodman said California authorities have 30 days to hold King and have informed the woman that she may also face charges in Las Vegas over allegations that she and a man attempted to use someone else’s identity to obtain funds from that person’s bank account.

Court records show that King has been charged with burglary and conspiracy in that case, and he is due to appear in court in May.

Hours earlier, San Francisco Police announced that 24-year-old Arna Kimae, a young woman who appears with King in a confrontation with an Uber driver, turned herself in to authorities to face charges of theft, assault, criminal association and more. Crimes.

Kimai’s lawyer, Seth Morris, said his client had offered a $ 75,000 guarantee to be released until a future court hearing during which charges could be brought against him.

The video provided by the driver shows an unmasked woman, later identified as Kimi, coughing in his face and snatching his cell phone. Police said that when the three women got out of the car, one of them sprayed what he believed to be pepper spray on the driver.

Police said Uber driver Subhakar Khadka, 32, was assaulted after he stopped his car when he noticed that one of the three passengers was not wearing a mask.

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