India: After a lightning bolt, 4 people were struck

The video of the moment in India is already circulating on social networks. Photo: Gettyimages / Archive

at IndiaLightning struck a tree where four people were safe from the rain. In social networks already Distribute the video where you can see it The exact moment of the phenomenon.

  • According to international media, The four men covered themselves from the rain from below From the branches of the tree

Video on social media

The victims have been identified as Ramprasad, Shevdat, Lali, and Anil Kumar. The top three are from Uttar Pradesh.

In the video that was broadcast on the networks, it was noticed that thunder struck the tree, and in seconds the young people lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

One of them lost his life From the impact of lightning on the tree; The media reported that the youths have gardened in the apartment area known as Vica Signature Villas.

  • The authorities stated that the accident took place at 4:30 pm in Sector 82 of the aforementioned district

Experts point out that when there is a storm It is not a good idea to take shelter from the rain under the branches of a tree because they act like lightning rods as they did in India and cause the death of a person.

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