Heyer and Hector Martinez go from hate to love


Or at least they went from rejection into close friendship. It so happened that Martíne, who was the manager of the first generation of La Academia, saw the singer’s audition and thought that he was a very arrogant young man because Yahr was already singing in some bars in Tijuana and had sent a demo to a record company. Time showed that Yah’s push was stronger than the director’s suspicion that he did not want to join him.

Tanita, can you help? To Isbo

And speaking of the former students, it turns out Toñita has a new musical godson. The singer from Tantoyuca decided to support Isbo, who left the academy like her but so far did not have enough projection and his fame is focused more on his muscular body (which he himself usually shows on social networks). So Tanita accompanies him to various events, but the problem, as they tell us, is that the conversation is the same, he not only praises Espoo’s voice, but also praises her.

Why Dua Lipa If We Had Nacaranda

The UK will have a Dua Lipa but the Mexicans will have Nacaranda which is a trendsetter. Why? Since the character Consuelo Duval played was innovative for its time, because in Dua Lipa’s latest look, some people (including Consuelo herself) saw some inspiration in classic Nacaranda outfits. Who is the best?

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