Adventures on the Road’, the series based on the popular Pixar movie

Just over a month left until the premiere of “Cars on the Road,” the new Disney series from the world of “Cars,” the famous trilogy that made Lightning McQueen, Mater and other car characters famous. And to encourage fans to watch it, the studio released the first trailer for what will appear in the new production.

The spin-off will follow the adventures of McQueen and Mater as they head east from Radiator Springs on a cross-country trip to get to Mater’s sister’s wedding. Actors Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy return to voice the characters.

This first look contemplates fun, mysterious and exciting situations with clown cars, Mad Max warrior cars and even ghost cars. The season series will be available on Disney+ Day, which this year will be September 8th.

“The series is a cross-country game with Lightning McQueen and Mater,” said director Steve Purcell. “Like any true road trip, every day is a new little adventure with unexpected twists and turns.” In the production of this new project is Mark Sondemer and in the direction Steve Purcell, Bobby Podesta and Brian V., each one responsible for several episodes.

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