Age of Change: The Survival Project opens today

Age of Change: The Survival Project opens today

Starting today, a new historical series produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions will showcase the incredible stories of companies leading radical and innovative new efforts to secure a positive future for nature for our planet.

with the address Age of Change: Business of Survival, Great films present some of the exciting ways in which the WWF collaborates with private organizations. They highlight the range of work being done around the world, from reforestation in Uganda to wetland restoration in Hong Kong, as well as protecting the monarch butterfly habitat in Mexico and river conservation communities.

It also showcases some of the amazing people who are leading with passion and purpose to tackle the twin crises of nature loss and climate change.

Global companies with a presence in Mexico that partner with WWF and BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and that share their work stories for nature in two regions of the country – Michoacan and Oaxaca – are AXA Insurance through the AXA Mexico Foundation, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, AIRWICK and the Gonzalo Río Foundation Prestigious Arronte (FGRA).

WWF and Air Wick see the production of aromatic gardens in which Purépecha women participate; It also shows the reforestation of the forests where the monarch butterfly has hibernated and highlights the observation of the migration path of this remarkable insect that moves from Canada and the United States to Mexico each year.

Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte IKEA Social Entrepreneurse and Fundación AXA México films focus on the Cobaleta Zimatan Huatulco Basin in Oaxaca. FGRA has been involved in its 15-year work to protect the basin and ecosystems to ensure access to clean water and sanitation for communities in the area.

For its part, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship shows its support to strengthen the skills of social entrepreneurs in the community and improve livelihoods in the long term.. AXA Mexico focuses its aid on rural agroecology and reforestation programmes.

The WWF goal is to help make the world’s nature positive by 2030; That is, we live in a world with more nature than there is today. This is an ambitious goal that requires governments, businesses and civil society to work together and change the way we think, eat, produce, consume and live.

An era of change arrives as governments around the world prepare to negotiate the details of a new “Paris-style” deal for nature.

The COP15 Global Biodiversity Summit, due to gather world leaders later this year in Montreal, Canada, is an opportunity to restore our broken relationship with the natural world and deliver a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Simon Shelley, Vice President, BBC StoryWorks, Program Partnerships said: “The global business community plays a critical role in ensuring a positive future for nature for our planet. Like other parts of society, they have to turn rhetoric into action, and this series aims to understand the habits, actions, and transformations of private companies that have the potential to bring about large-scale environmental change.”

Shelley explained: “This is just the beginning and we at BBC Studios are excited as our global audiences are engaging with these stories with the goal of inspiring others to drive transformation, in what should truly be an ‘age of change’.”

“Age of Change: The Business of Survival is an inspiring lineup of films with a serious message: Without a major change in business, we will not be able to survive,” said Felicity Glennie Holmes, executive director of communications and marketing for WWF International. Ensuring a positive future for the nature of our planet.”

“Working with BBC StoryWorks is a fantastic opportunity to show how important it is for decision-makers, practitioners, and those responsible for driving change across industries and sectors to be aware of the critical challenges we face and feel empowered to act. We can still make the difference we need to restore the natural world and live life,” said Glennie Holmes. in harmony with him… But as this series shows, we must act now.”

The new series Age of Change: Business of Survival It will be available for one year starting July 5, 2022. The audience will be able to explore the movie series through it Additional stories will join the series in November 2022.

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