Alparis prefers De la Vega by exempting guests from visas

Alparis prefers De la Vega by exempting guests from visas

Minister of Foreign Affairs , Jose Manuel Parisgive special treatment to Women’s Foundation for Africa who drives Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vegaexemption Pay the visa fee To the approximately 80 foreign participants invited by this entity to Madrid to celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 19-20.

And the head of Spanish diplomacy claimed in a leaflet sent to several embassies last Thursday, which the target was able to reach, that this exemption is justified by «Reasons for interest in Spain’s foreign policy». Diplomatic sources consulted by this newspaper are skeptical about this decision and are looking into «abnormal»The treatment that Al-Bars gives to the institution headed by the former Deputy Prime Minister and the current head of state assembly.

I asked this newspaper spokesman Diplomatic Information Office (OID) if this treatment is for the Women of Africa Foundation is «abnormal»As mentioned by the above-mentioned sources, and if the participants in the previous courses were also exempted from the visa fee, but did not receive a response.

Alparis already indicated in a previous bulletin dated April 7 that this event of the founding of De la Vega is significant «institutional support“Foreigner.” Consular offices and sections are required Speed ​​up and facilitate visa processing I asked in connection with this event. An invitation form from Women for Africa is attached for participants, as well as guest list The minister told the concerned embassies.

Paris and Sanchez, are among the speakers

This institution will be celebrating May 19-20 at the UNED Summit Campus women’s bridgeswhich will bring together eminent personalities such as Queen LetiziaAnd Anna PutinAnd Nadia Calvino or the former presidents of Chile and Brazil, Michelle Bachelet s Dilma Rousseff. The Prime Minister also participates, Pedro SanchezOr Paris itself.

On the first day of the meeting, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Rebecca Greenspan; Former Minister of Education of Nigeria, Obiageli Ezekwesilior the former Spanish Minister of Science and Innovation Christina Garmendia.

On the same day, the President of the Community Development Foundation, Grace Machel (widow of Nelson Mandela); Executive Director of UN Women, lumps; UN Women Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maria Noel Visa.

The specific discussion points for the first day will be Democratic Progress From the South of the Planet, Economics for Comprehensive Development and Social Policies, equality in public lifeglobal challenges or economic and digital empowerment, depending on Europe Press.

The following day, May 20, four African film directors will participate in a panel discussion on the audiovisual format as an ally for the cause of women: the Tunisian Nadia El Faniand the Congolese machery aqua pahangoNigerian Nadine Ibrahim and the Namibian Desiree Kahikobo Mevertwho will collaborate with the Spanish director agnes paris To shoot a feature film about the event.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation Jose Manuel Alparis.

Then there will be a table on the role of women in communication that will be led by the journalist Peppa Will It will include journalists from South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania. Finally, before reading the document “Southern Women’s Proposals for Global Change”which will conclude the Summit, there will be a general summary of the main points included as references to the document which will be conveyed by the representative of UN Women in Colombia, Bibiana Idowho was the Minister of Equality with Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

On May 19, in addition to Sanchez and Alparís, Permanent Counsel of the State Council and Rapporteur of the Constitution will participate, Miguel Herrero; The United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinosand Dean of UNED, Ricardo Mayral.

We will try to participate for the whole world And to all institutions, and of course the government of Spain, the European Union and the United Nations, de la Vega emphasized at a press conference on Tuesday. This is not just a conference. another thing: It’s been a decade and you want to picture yourself, at least, for the next decade. we want to Everyone feels involvedThe current Chairman of the State Council stressed that no one can say that it is not my role, because peace and progress touch the whole world.

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