Alpha Killer is a science fiction born out of a dream

Alpha Killer is a science fiction born out of a dream

She gave him a series of dreams that he dreamed of in the summer itself Patricia Garcia Rojo The idea of ​​your novel Alpha Killer. Following his hunch was a good idea, as he not only connected young people reading the audience with this novel that combines adventure, fantasy and action, but with his book he was also a nominee for the 2020 Gran Angular Prize.

Alpha Killer It introduces us to a new class of characters, the Perceptive, who possess one of the five fully developed senses. Among them, the Alphas have complete control over their perceptions, which makes them excellent warriors.

With a vision that allows them to pass through walls, a scent and an ear that makes them perceive their enemies from miles away, and a taste that makes them excellent poisoners, the weaker Alpha is recruiting to form their families and move the threads of the human world as if they were just dolls.

The heroine of this novel is Kate, who is a free alpha character and not part of any family, but will be claimed by Oliver and Galant will become against her will. Kate will pretend to adapt to the family while Alpha Málaga suffers the attacks of a powerful perceptive that wipes them out.

García-Rojo began thinking about the novel after he saw a dream in which he was traveling with a friend in a car and a boy appeared through the window. Later, he saw another dream in which a dark-haired boy appeared and asked him to open his senses. Then came the third dream that García Rojo walked through among the Perceptual, who would become the central beings in his narration.

This epic is performed by a female character who tries to separate from all the schemes of the miserable society in which she is forced to live. The book highlights the importance of being free and standing up for what you strongly believe. As García Rojas explains, he wanted this character and this story to speak of power and freedom, and how people “are sometimes attracted by a life of luxury and power.”

A fictional set in Malaga

One of the most amazing things about Alpha Killer Is that her business is located in the city of Malaga and its environs. According to García Rojo, the idea of ​​placing the book in such a privileged place arose as a reaction to everyone who says “You can’t write a great novel in Spain”. “I wanted people to be able to see the places in Malaga in the book,” he adds.

This author has imagined Alpha Killer As a trilogy, it guarantees, “It feels great to see the reaction of the young readers who commented on his book and who even created fan pages on social networks.” After the success of the first part, he is on the verge of publishing the sequel and has just finished writing the third installment.

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