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Monster Hunter: The hunt begins 3 points

Monster hunterGermany / USA / China / Japan, 2020

Direction and text: Paul WS Anderson, based on the video game of the eponymous

Period: 103 minutes

Translators: Milla Jovovich, Tony Ja, Ron Perlman, Diego Bonita, Megan Judd, John Heilman, Jin O Tiong.

the first show: Available in chambers of commerce.

The Cinemas reopenAfter nearly a year of lockdown imposed by the pandemic, this was good news for movie lovers, who for 12 months embraced the placebo treatment of watching movies at home. But those who really celebrated were the exhibiting companies, one of the few commercial sectors that has yet to resume activity under the new normal. When movie theaters were allowed to reopen in the middle of last week, those who enjoy watching movies sitting in a darkened room – even with a chin strap – imagine that that day will be a party, like finding love again that it was forced. Ripped them off. This dream continued until the movie chains announced the titles that would occupy their screens from the first Thursday of the premieres.

Make that list that you found it Monster Hunter: The hunt begins, An action and science fiction movie based on a video game that highlights something clear, but not always taken for granted: The happiness of the moviegoers and the happiness of the exhibitors belong to different ranks. This business is one thing, the only sexual desire in it is played out on the bed of budgets and accounting entries, and cinematic enjoyment is another. It would have loose limits and not always clear, but not quite as excluding this movie altogether Starring Milla Jovovich, flashy production and thin content. But there is logic in trying to explain why such a lousy movie is one of the few films that made use of the limited space available in pandemic theaters: Monster hunter It sets the goals of the performers more, even aesthetically, than the fun of the spectators.

It is a piece of primitive design, the story of which fits into four lines: The elite squad accidentally falls into a desert parallel world full of gigantic monsters and its members must survive. The rest is just putting into practice without the nuances or variants of this basic premise, using as the main crossing point the frantic sequences in which everything is visually confusing, with others being made in excessively slow motion. The experience is somewhat similar to that of an inexperienced chauffeur who makes little progress but is choppy. There are hardly any glimpses of anything beyond that narrative wasteland in the bond that the protagonist makes with a warrior from an afterlife.

Can the exhibitors be blamed for giving way to such chaos? honestly no. Its objectives are economic and may include decision Monster hunter Among the first shows today, I reported the cash number you had dreamed of. But for those of you who are hoping to be at the cinema at that party they have imagined, it is recommended that you endure withdrawal syndrome for a little longer.

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