AMLO is responsible for the economic crisis: Lorette de Mola

AMLO is responsible for the economic crisis: Lorette de Mola

Mexico. – Presenter Carlos Laureate de Mola He noted that Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), the President of Mexico, constantly blames the Covid-19 pandemic for the country’s economic crisis, but the journalist emphasized that it was his fault.

Lorette de Mola On his show broadcast by Latinos, he said that although the epidemic caused an economic crisis, not only in Mexico but in many parts of the world, the country was already facing problems before the economic strike caused by the health crisis.

The journalist said: “Many believe that the economic crisis is not the fault of Lopez Obrador, it is the fault of the epidemic, and that the whole world is like this and this must be clarified, all countries have had crises, but some are more than others.” .

It also acknowledged the two main problems it led to The economic crisis in Mexico, highlighting that although all countries have been affected, the difference lies in the measures implemented by the authorities to address the emergency.

“Mexico has been one of the worst crises in the world, why? First, because before the pandemic, we’ve already seen a massive drop, and second, because the government here has done nothing.”

Carlos Loret stated that Mexico was ranked second to last on the list of countries that were worst in terms of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, only one notch behind the African country Uganda.

“Lopez Obrador’s government has been rated the worst of the penultimate government, but worse than Mexico: Uganda,” said Lorette de Mola.

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Finally, the presenter noted that the crisis in Mexico could be avoided, as many businesses should not have closed resulting in job losses, one of the worst in the country’s history.

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