March in Los Angeles to obtain citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants

March in Los Angeles to obtain citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants

Hundreds of people walked the streets of the city center Angels, ca, to promote Senate Democrats To approve the project that would give Citizenship for more than eight million undocumented people.

“Today is the day to say that Immigrants are very important to the US economyAngelica Salas, director of the Immigrant Human Rights Alliance (CHIRLA), has warned, leading to a call for lawmakers to “Contribution Recognition” Undocumented to develop country.

This procedure takes place in the middle of discussions in U.S. congress to protect undocumented. The legalization project that would give a path to citizenship for more than eight million immigrants is included in the spending plan $3.5 trillion from the Biden government.

In the face of Republican opposition to the spending plan, Democrats They have chosen to seek approval through budget “reconciliation,” which requires only a simple majority (51 votes).

The Democrats You have 50 seats in the Senate, the Republicans have 50 more, so the tiebreaker is in the hands of the Vice President Kamala Harris.

called by Yes to immigrants moving forwardSaturday’s rally is part of a series of measures in California to urge Congress to do so rationing “The largest possible number (undocumented) and by whatever means available,” the activists said in a statement.

“This is not the time for Congress to lower expectations,” they added.

Suggestion will allow to give Permanent legal residence of nearly 8 million immigrants, of between it undocumented who arrived as children, known as “dreamers,” those who are protected by TPS and Essential workers, including peasants.

representatives undocumented communities From Mexico, Central America, South Korea, the Philippines, Afghan refugee advocates They were part of the march.

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