AMLO. “It is always a pleasure to welcome brothers from the great country,” says Diaz-Canel.

AMLO.  “It is always a pleasure to welcome brothers from the great country,” says Diaz-Canel.

Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel This Sunday received the latest announcement of the duo from Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), who will make his first official visit to the island next May.

On Friday morning, AMLO He said he’s coming to Cuba In the coming weeks. You will be welcome. “It is always a pleasure to welcome brothers from the great country,” Diaz-Canel wrote on his Twitter account.

“Mexico and Lopez Obrador have a special place in our interests,” the Cuban president added.

The visit to Cuba is part of the Lopez Obrador tour that also includes saviorAnd the HondurasAnd the Guatemala And the BelizeAnd where the Mexican president intends to address the issue of the wave of migration facing the region and his proposals to “address the causes,” according to what he said when announcing.

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Thus, Lopez Obrador will repeat Díaz-Canel’s three visits to Mexico: at his inauguration in 2018, another – of an official nature – the following year, and in 2021, for the CELAC summit and celebrations of northern independence. American country.

Cubans seek to reach Mexico to cross into the United States

Cuba is one of the countries contributing illegal immigrants to the current wave of people traveling through many Central American countries with the aim of reaching Mexico, and entering their final destination, once they reach their borders: the United States.

So far this year, Mexican authorities have returned 581 Cuban irregular migrants in compliance with existing bilateral agreements on immigration.

The number of Cubans on the US-Mexico border by the end of 2021 rose from 862 in August to 7,893 in December, according to the Washington Office of Latin America (WOLA).

The Cuban government blames the increased flow of irregular immigration of its citizens into Washington, on economic sanctions and failure to comply with bilateral immigration agreements, which provide for the delivery of 20,000 visas annually.

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But according to analysts, the recent increase is also due to the economic crisis that Cuba is experiencing, as a result of a combination of the pandemic, the tightening of US sanctions and failures of national economic policy.

Cuba and Mexico maintained uninterrupted diplomatic relations for 117 years, although ups and downs occurred, particularly during the reign of the right-wing Vicente Fox (2000-2006).

The subsequent return of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to the presidency by Enrique Peña Nieto improved relations, and with the arrival of AMLO to the presidency, they took on new momentum.

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