AMLO rules out severing ties with the United States because of the Summit of the Americas

AMLO rules out severing ties with the United States because of the Summit of the Americas

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador neglected one possible rupture with the US government After proposing to include all countries of the hemisphere in Ninth Summit of the Americas Where do you plan to speak? Angels next June.

At the morning conference held in Old Town Hall subordinate Mexico CityAnd Lopez Obrador mentioned that his government It has to abide by the principles of foreign policy, which is why I once again requested that countries not be excluded from the said meeting.

“That is why one should not think that if we do not agree in this case of the summit, there will not really be a rupture, in any case. He stressed the need to adhere to the principles of our foreign policy and believe that no one should be excluded and the independence and sovereignty of the peoples should be affirmed.”

“It is not anything. That is the position of Mexico, but it does not mean a rupture. What do we propose? That everyone be invited, and that no one be excluded, because no one has the right to be left out, and not, as some famous journalist frivolously say, not who I invite to the party And who I do not invite.”

“I hope these days an agreement will be reached and everyone is invited and whoever doesn’t want to go, well, don’t go,” the Mexican president said.

Lopez Obrador He noted that the government of Mexico will always have a good relationship with the Joe Biden administration, no matter what they decide to do about invitations to the Summit of the Americas.

“We, no matter what is resolved, will always have a relationship of friendship and respect with the United States government,” he explained.

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