AMLO: Lopez Obrador downplays disagreement with the United States over Summit of the Americas: “There will be no rupture in any way”

AMLO: Lopez Obrador downplays disagreement with the United States over Summit of the Americas: “There will be no rupture in any way”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took advantage of this Tuesday to reduce differences with the United States on the ninth top of the americas. The Mexican president defended his position not to exclude representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the June 6-10 meeting in Los Angeles, although he ruled out his decision not to attend the regional meeting if Washington did not invite all Latin American governments to have repercussions on bilateral relations. . “You should not think that if we do not agree in this case at the summit, there will already be a rupture. Impossible,” he said on the eve of the visit of the US delegation headed by Senator Christopher Dodd, scheduled for Wednesday.

The trip by Special Adviser to President Joe Biden to organize the summit aims to achieve the full participation of the Mexican government. But López Obrador made his existence subservient to the participation of executives who were directly opposed to Washington. The White House hasn’t made a decision yet, but is currently leaning against the invitation “Countries that do not respect democracy”, As Under Secretary of State Brian Nichols told EL PAÍS. The Mexican president argues his position by invoking the constitution, which enshrines the principle of non-interference in foreign policy. At the same time, by restoring the policy of active support for Havana, it removed regional diplomacy, creating a front that was joined by, for example, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, Bolivian Luis Arce, and Chilean Gabriel Borek.

“We must adhere to the principles of our foreign policy, non-interference and the self-determination of peoples, and we believe that no one should be excluded, and that the independence and sovereignty of the peoples should be affirmed.”, López Obrador told many people during his morning press conference. Despite this, he highlighted the fluidity of the links with the US administration. “There is a very good relationship. In the economic, commercial and, without doubt, in immigration and in security we are working in coordination,” he added.

These are the issues of concern to both governments and which Biden seeks to define a common position for North America regarding the summit. Ambassador Ken Salazar made clear on Monday that for the United States “it is very important that Mexico engage” and framed Christopher Dodd’s visit in that effort. The existence of the Mexican executive, however, is not in jeopardy. But if no agreement is reached, participation will be reduced to that of the foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, the leader of the cabinet on the front line and a candidate for succession in 2024.

In any case, Lopez Obrador focused on showing a good relationship with the authorities and with the society in the neighboring country. “We, no matter what is resolved, well, we will always have a relationship of friendship and respect with the United States government, and much more, with the people of the United States. The United States government has treated us with respect and we have a lot of respect and appreciation for the people of the United States.”

The relationship between the two leaders and contacts have been frequent since Biden took office in January 2021 despite disagreements over security, immigration and energy policy. But Both want to address the bilateral agenda through negotiations, Against Donald Trump’s precautionary tax policy, they also openly assert that the two countries and their economies cannot live back-to-back. “More than a million Americans live here in Mexico, it’s the country where more Americans live in the world, and now more,” the president said before referring to the increase in immigration to Mexico City from the neighboring country during the pandemic. “So, what has happened in recent years? I don’t know if you’ve noticed already, but many more Americans and foreigners have come to live, but more Americans are living in the city. That would be a good topic to report. But many, many, many, He’s famous.”

Biden also had some cues that his predecessor tried to bury, such as celebrating the Battle of Puebla on May 5. Now President Biden has ordered the ceremony to be reorganized and led by his wife. He was the special guest of Beatrice [Gutiérrez Müller], my wife, and she told me they had her sit down and President Biden was talking and he was kind enough to stop and go and say hi. Then it was over and they took him to the White House. They were talking to the president’s wife, the president, Beatrice…” Lopez Obrador summed up. As the president celebrated To ‘move forward’ towards softening Washington’s policy toward Cuba, but he made it clear to look forward to an end to the economic embargo. Meanwhile, the formula for Mexico’s participation in the Summit of the Americas is still pending.

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