In China, geologists found a hole with a primitive forest inside

In China, geologists found a hole with a primitive forest inside

Nanning, China /

The cave exploration team discovered a giant karst crater in Lie County, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Which brings the number of such sewers in Leye to 30.

Zhang Yuanhai, chief engineer of China Geological Survey Institute of Karst Geology, said that the stream near Ping Village in Luuxi Township, It is 306 meters long, 150 meters wide and 192 meters wide, with a volume of more than 5 million cubic can be classified as a large basin.

Zhang said That there are three large caves in the wall, which are supposed to be the remains of the early development of the crater. The lower part of the stream contains a well-preserved primeval forest. Chen Lixin, Guangxi Cave Expedition 702 Team Leader, He said that the old trees growing in the background are about 40 meters high The dense shade plants reach the shoulders.

Mission completed on May 6After the team members climbed more than 100 meters and walked for several hours to reach the bottom of the well. And they returned Friday night to the land safely.

Giant sewers, also known as Tianqing (“heavenly wells”) in Chinese, are giant streams or sewers, with special geological features found in karst regions formed by frequent landslides. They are mainly found in China, Mexico and Papua New Guinea.


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