AMLO says that saying Mexico is the world’s most corrupt country is an exaggeration


president of mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwhich the Global Justice Project described as “somewhat exaggerated” is among the worst on issues such as anti-corruption, security and civil justice.

“We just now talked about those patrons who position Mexico as the most corrupt country in the world, which is completely exaggerated when we have devoted ourselves to rooting out corruption.”said the chief.

the organization Global Justice ProjectAs part of its Global Rule of Law Index 2021, Mexico is among the top 10 countries in terms of the absence of corruption, order and security, as well as civil justice.

The country ranks 113 out of 139 due to lower scores in other areas such as criminal justice (rank 128), regulatory compliance (rank 105) and fundamental rights (rank 91). In the 2020 index, the country ranked 104th overall.

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Mexico had its worst ranking in a category called “absence of corruption” in government, ranking 135th out of 139In other words, it hardly outperforms Uganda, Cameroon, Cambodia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Even Venezuela (129) and Haiti (130) are above the country on this list.

Commissioner He confirmed that the index was sponsored by Alejandro Ramirez, director of Cinépolis, who indicated that he was supporting his work with loans from Nacional Financiera.

“But the sponsor was mentioned, Ramirez, who was one of the business groups, called the Mexican Business Council. He has credits in the Nacional Financiera, i.e. all the economic-financial promotion of his cinemas as he has been supported by the government with these credits”, She said.

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