An American president boycotted the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, which is now a cult movie

An American president boycotted the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, which is now a cult movie

The 90s were one of the most fruitful action movies, as the actors loved sylvester StalloneAnd the Jean Claude Go cloudy And the Arnold Schwarzenegger They starred in films that were positioned as one of the favorite films, which even managed to raise millions of dollars during its exhibition in theaters.

However, it was released in 1993 Another great hero (The last action hero), one of the most ambitious films in Arnold Schwarzeneggerwhich was allegedly boycotted by its then-president condition joinAnd the law Project ClintonThis resulted in a financial loss of $26 million.

Months after the premiere of the film directed by Ramzy John McTiernan Who would he work with? Arnold On predator (1987) -, Schwarzenegger He blamed the film’s poor performance on the press and the election of the Democratic president law Project Clintonwho was said to have impressed audiences by saying that 1980s action movie stars were “vulgar”.

In the end, Another great hero (the last Action a heroIt only raised $137 million, when its production cost was more than $85 million, which, in addition to disappointing the cast, had an effect on the distributor. Colombia Pictures.

Over the years and with film analysts, the film has become a cult, because in addition to being a criticism and satire of action films, the film used technical resources and special effects never seen before.

Even in 2019, Schwarzenegger He said he was willing to work on a sequel Another great hero (the last Action a hero), but so far nothing has been confirmed or denied, so it will be a matter of waiting if this former bodybuilder’s character can be revived.

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