Documentary about Bill Russell announced by Netflix


A documentary about NBA legend Bill Russell is in preparation. Netflix recently announced that the untitled documentary will include exclusive interviews with Russell and access to his personal files. The documentary is directed by Sam Pollard and produced by Larry Gordon, Ross Greenberg, and Michael Richardson.

“The definitive biography of NBA legend Bill Russell, the greatest champion in the history of American sports and a true civil rights icon,” the official summary wrote. From humble beginnings, Russell has led each of his basketball teams to championships: two California high school championships, two back-to-back NCAA titles, a gold medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and eleven titles in his thirteen-year career a Boston Celtic. (The latter two as the first black coach in NBA history, while still playing for the Celtics.) Bale’s story is intertwined and unique with the NBA’s 75-year history, and the history of the past eight decades from the United States.

Russell, 88, is arguably one of the 10 greatest players in NBA history. In addition to winning 10 NBA titles, Russell has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player five times. He was also named to the All-Star Team 12 times in his 13-year career, was named to the All-NBA Team 11 times, and was a four-time NBA champion. Russell was named to the NBA 75th Anniversary team, but was also selected for the 25th Anniversary, 35th Anniversary, and 50th Anniversary. He also won the 2019 NBA Lifetime Achievement Award.

«Para mí, era mejor jugador ofensivo que defensivo», dijo Russell en una entrevista con Alan Paul en 2018. «Al final de mi primer año, siempre puse la ofensiva en movimiento, y después de un año o dos casi todas pasa las jugadas For me. In fact, Havlichk said after I left, he missed me more in attack than in defence.

Paul also asked Russell about being a Celtics player/coach in the later stages of his career. “red [Auerbach] He offered me the job first and I told him I wasn’t interested.” So he asked me if I had any recommendations and said he wouldn’t hire anyone who didn’t agree 100 percent, because I liked the franchise a lot too. I had some ideas, but we couldn’t come to an agreement. Frank Ramsay, who was my first choice, couldn’t leave the house. [Bob] Cousy couldn’t get out of his contract at Boston College etc. Reed came up with a last name, and I’m just not going to play for that guy, so I decided I would, actually.”


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